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Упражнения для самостоятельной работы

Упражнение № 1

Заполните пропуски соответствующей формой глагола в Present Simple


1.What ARE… your price ? ( be )

2. We usually HAVE … talks on Monday . ( have )

3. His office hours begin … at 9 o ‘clock . ( begin )

4. She often leaves … her office very late . ( leave )

5. What are… you always discuss … with your customers ? ( discuss )

6. Their terms is… good . ( be )

7. This cable is … urgent .(be )

8. Who does look … through the mail every morning ? ( look )

9. She speakS 3 languages .

10. Our foreign trade firm is ready to discuss business with you .


Упражнение № 2

Заполните пропуски, используя конструкцию there is / there are


1. Look ! There are… some contracts on the desk .

2. It’s a very large company . There are …a lot of departments in it .

3. There isn’t … (not) any black telephone near the computer .

4. There are … many competent inspectors at the plant now .

5. Is there … any coffee – machine on that desk ?

6. Are there … any queries on the contract terms ?

7. There is … a secretary in the conference room .

8. There are no … (no) urgent faxes on her desk .

9. Are there … any foreign customers in his office ?

10. There is … little mail today , just a few letters .



Упражнение № 3

Опровергните данные утверждения. Поставьте глаголы , данные в скобках, в соответствующую форму Present Continuous


1. The engineers are testing the machine . ( No. do the training course )

No. They are doing the training course.

2. Our supplier is exporting goods France . ( No. import from England )

No. He is importing from England.

3. They are building a new plant . ( No. improve the old plant )

No. They are improving the old plant.

4. The exporters are reducing the price for copiers .( No.increase by 3 % )

No. They are increasing by 3 %

5. I am making phone calls now . (No. meet the customers )

No. I am meeting the customers.

6. His colleagues are travelling now . ( No. attend the conference )

No. They are attending the conference.

7. We are placing 3 orders with your company . ( No. place only 2 )

No. We are placing only 2

8. She is discussing prices with our customers .( No. arrange a meeting with them ) No. She is arranging a meeting with them )


9. Our specialists are operating computers . ( No . only test them now )

No . They are only testing them now


10. Their company is investing a lot of money . ( No. still wait for consultant’s advice) No. It is still waiting for consultant’s advice.



Упражнение № 4

Перепишите предложения, поставьте глаголы, данные в скобках, в соответствующую форму Past Simple

1. He spoke to the economists last Friday .

2. The quality of their previous goods was low.

3. In 1998 they did not business with French companies .

4. She went on business to London yesterday .

5. Two days ago they offered us to establish business relations .

6. The government did not set up a new joint venture a month ago.

7. Last year they gave him a big discount .

8. She looked through these catalogues the day before yesterday .

9. Did Mr Brown attended the last conference ? – I think he did

10. Did they discussed the terms of payment the other day ? – I don’t think so .


Упражнение № 5

Задайте вопросы к следующим предложениям, начиная их словами, данными в скобках.

Образец : We have discussed this matter .( What ? )

– What have we discussed ?


1. They have just studied your catalogues . ( What ?)

What have they just studied?

2. We haven’t started the talks yet .( Who ?)

Who haven’t started the talks yet?

3. The director has taken the contracts to his office . (Where ?)

Where has director taken the contracts ?

4. She is busy , so she hasn’t come to the conference . ( Why?)

Why hasn’t she come to the conference?

5. He has sent 5 orders . ( How many ?)

How many He has sent orders?

6. Mr Bell has paid much attention to their offer . ( What … to ?) What has Mr Bell to paid ?

7. The manager has made good contacts with our suppliers. ( Who … with ?) Who has made good contacts our suppliers with ?

8. This company has displayed up-to-date models .( What models ?)

What has models displayed?

9. They have invested 1 mln dollars so far . ( How much ?)

How much have they invested so far?

10. The demand for our goods has increased lately .( What ?)

What increased lately?


Упражнение № 6

Выполните упражнение , выбрав правильный вариант


1. Great Britain … a highly industrialized country .

a) is b) was c) is being

2. We … to your terms of payment .

a) aren’t agree b) doesn’t agree c) don’t agree

3.There … matters to discuss at the talks.

a) is, some b) are, any c) are, some

4. She makes few calls on Sunday , …?

a) doesn’t she b) isn’t she c) does she

5.He … a conference right now .

a) attends b) is attending c) to attend

6. The economic relations … from year to year.

a) develop b) have developed c) are developing

7. … you display your new model at the exhibition last month ?

a) did b) aren’t c) have

8. We … not pleased with our last talks .

a) did b) were c) have been

9. She … paid any attention to their enquiry .

a) wasn’t b) hasn’t c) didn’t

10. … you met General Manager yet ?

a)have b) did c) are

11.Mr Dunn … already signed all the contracts .

a) is b) has c) was

12…. there … progress in your studies ?

a) are , any b) is, any c) is, some

13. Is there … in the development department ?

a) somebody b) anybody c)nobody

14. You don’t purchase low quality goods , … ?

a) do you b) don’t you c) aren’t you

15. Our lawyers … very qualified so far .

a) are being b) have been c) were

16. … your department … much progress in total sales lately?

a) is making b) has made c)makes

17. What … you sometimes advise your clients ?

a) is b) have c) do

18. Who usually … meetings in your office ?

a) arranges b) is arranging c) was arranging

19. Panasonic … a lot of computers at the last exhibition .

a) has sold b) sold c) is sold

20. There … a telephone , 2 files and some price lists on the desk .

a) are b) is being c) is


1.I advise you to stop being late for talks . You must stop being late for talks .

2. I insist that you supervise day-to-day management .You must supervise day-to-day management.

3. Will you let me talk to Mr Green, please ? Can I talk to Mr Green , please ?

4. They understand you well enough . You can not repeat it again .

5. Talking is not allowed during the talks . Youmust not talk during the talks.

6. It is not possible for the manager to be present at the talks . He may not be present at the talks.

7. The personnel is forbidden to leave the workplace before 6 p.m. The personnel have doesn’t h to leave the workplace before 6 p.m.

8. It is not right to take up this matter without the Sales Manager . You can't take up this matter without the Sales Manager.

9. Perhaps , the accountant will agree to do this job. The accountant may agree to do this job .

10. She is obliged to report to the Director every week. She has to report to the Director every week .



Упражнение № 2


Выберите правильную форму глагола Present Continuous или Future Simple

1. When will he go on business? -He will go / is going next Monday.

2. Who will make a report ? - I think, I will make / am making it.

3. Who will have a holiday in June ?-Probably , Kate will have /is having it.

4. When will she translate their order ? - We suppose , she will translate / is translating it in two days .

6. When will he finish his work ?- He will finish / is finishing it tomorrow morning.

7. When will you report to the Finance Department ? -1 am reporting / will report this Tuesday.

8. When will he take up our offer ?-He will take it up /is taking it up this afternoon.

9. When will their company reduce the prices ? - They will reduce them / are reducing them this week.

10. Who will be in charge of corporate finance ? - The parent company is being / will be in charge of it.


Упражнение № 3

Раскройте скобки, употребив глагол в нужной форме. Выберите правильную форму глагола Present Simple или Future Simple

  1. If you reduce your price, we'll place a big order with your company.
  2. ?When the secretary type the letters, she SHALLsent them to the customers.
  3. Our prices depend on the market situation. If it change they will go up or down.
  4. We 'll start deliveries as soon as we clear up delivery dates .
  5. They"ll show the customer's representatives round the office when the chief engineer arrive.
  6. We 'll go to the test department until you invite us.
  7. Before you buythis equipment, you shall study the terms of payment.
  8. The engineers will get in touch with you as soon as they arrive in London.
  9. +If I need your help , I'll ask you.
  10. The contract will be valid after the director sign it.


Упражнение № 4

Выберите нужную форму прилагательного или наречия.

  1. I am more busy than our engineer.
  2. Please, speak louder . I can’t hear you good.
  3. Their computers are more expensive / the most expensive on the market.
  4. Their computers are the most expensive on the market.
  5. You should study our terms more attentively.
  6. Our office is farther than yours.
  7. This is the most bad retailer I have ever seen!
  8. Remember, we have less time than we had before.
  9. You have to look through the draft contract closer.
  10. His accounting skills were not so perfect as I expected.


Упражнение № 5

Раскройте скобки , употребив глагол в нужной форме . Выберите правильную форму глагола Past Simple или Past Continuous .


1.When the manager arrived the secretary was typing the contract .

2. The director was receiving the customers while the engineers got through the draft contract.

3. At this time yesterday Mr. Brown was reporting to the Human Resources Department about the survey results .

4. When we delivered these goods , Mrs. Grey from the Finance Department was in charge of accounting .

5. What you was taking up at yesterday’s meeting when I phoned you ?

6. While they were dispatching their products , the Buyers asked them about urgent meeting .

7. The inspectors was examining the equipment at the plant from 10 till 12 a.m. last Monday.

8. When a representative of our parent company came to the talks, we were discussing the discounts .

9. While the Research and Development Department were thinking over the expansion of e-business, we explored the e-market .

10. I was waiting for the retailer at 5 p.m. yesterday, but he not came .

Упражнение № 6

Выполните упражнение, выбрав правильный вариант.

  1. We’ll have lunch after they … discussing the discount matter.

a) are finishing b) finish c) will finish

2. Must he study French as soon as possible? No, she … .

a) mustn’t b) doesn’t c) needn’t

3. We won’t go to the test department until you … us.

a) invite b) don’t invite c) will invite

4. This is … attractive offer I have ever received.

a) the most b) the more c) the less

5. … he go to London? -Yes, he …tomorrow.

a) Is, will leave b) does, is leaving c) will, is leaving

6. They … e-business constantly.

a)are expanding b)were expanding c)expand

7. … she send the order last week? -Yes, she … it last week.

a)does, will send b) did, sent c)will, will sent

8. They train their staff … than we do.

a) better b) best c) good

9. When you …check the equipment ? –We… it in an hour .

a) do , check b) will, will check c)did, checked

10. Don’t ask him to contact Mr Grey . He … to do it as he will be very busy .

a) can’t b) won’t be able c) mustn’t

11. She is a … manager. She does her job very …

a) badly, slow b) bad, slow c) bad , slowly

12. I … get in touch with Mr Bell yesterday , as I was very busy .

a) couldn’t b) mightn’t c) needn’t

13.When you… into the matter ? – Probably, I … it in two days .

a) are looking , am doing b) will look, do c) will look , will do

14. He … as soon as the manager … him instructions.

a) will leave, gives b) leaves, gives c) is leaving, is giving.

15. If you … to his office, he … you all the documents.

a) will go, will give b) go, will give c) goes, gives.

16. If they … to me carefully, they … the idea.

a) don’t listen, won’t understand b) won’t listen, didn’t understand c) doesn’t listen, won’t understand

17. She is … attentive to details than Mr. Petrov.

a) least b) the less c) less

18. Our partners were pleased as we … the goods without any delay.

a) dispatched b) dispatch c) will dispatch

19. Excuse me… I phone you later? – Yes, certainly.

a) may b) must c) need

20. Engineers study new catalogues … .

a) regular b) regularly c) more regular



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